Bristol GP city centre bike racing

We have just come back from the Bristol GP, where we sponsored the women’s racing and exhibited in the race village. It was an extremely well run event, with a cracking atmosphere and even the sun came out. As a cycling clothing brand, it is great for us to put something back into the sport and help it grow and we look forward to coming back to Bristol in future years. With the work we have done developing our custom women’s cycling clothing range and in particular our patent pending halter neck shorts, we are particularly happy to get involved with supporting women’s racing.

bristol grand prix cycling

Charlie even got to give the champagne out to the top three riders…

bristol gp womens cycling

Charity cycling jerseys supplier

We get a lot of requests for charity cycling jerseys, particularly from the UK where charity cycle rides are so popular. So we have just launched a low cost custom cycling jersey which although it does not include any of the more advance features like mesh lycra side panels, silicone body grippers, carbon thread moisture control and so on, it is a fantastic basic custom cycling jersey. It is very sturdy, lightweight, prints with strong vibrant colours and has 3 back pockets like a standard jersey.

custom charity cycling jersey

We are able to make these charity cycling jerseys for €19.90 each (ex VAT), based on an order of 100, which it makes it one of the most competitively priced jerseys on the market for a strong, reliable quality product coming from a reputable charity cycling jersey supplier. We can make smaller quantities, but the price would be higher.

Please contact us for more information.

Wicklow 200 jerseys for sale

There are some Wicklow 200 jerseys available to buy at the event registration area on Saturday and Sunday, but there are not many left and it is first come first served. Price is €40.

Wicklow 200 jersey

You may know Carvalho Custom as one of the sponsors of the Race Around Ireland – we supply direct from Portugal into principally northern European markets, offering pro quality kit at southern European prices. If your club might be interested in getting a quote from contact us for club cycling or triathlon kit.

Women’s halterneck bib shorts

Our patent pending halterneck bib shorts are selling like hot cakes! It has taken a while for female cyclists to wake up to the idea of using a halter strap for their bib shorts rather than male style bib shorts with conventional “braces”, but the revolution is now officially underway. In case you have not yet heard, using a halterneck strap allows the shorts to be pulled down at the back without removing the jersey (or removing the strap from round the back of your neck), which means it is a whole lot easier to go to the loo.

We have a series of deals set up or under negotiation with some major brands that are using our invention under license, so don’t be surprised to see more and more halterneck women’s bib shorts on the market. Our most recent client is Gripe from Korea and here are some photos of our halter bib shorts in action:

halter neck womens bib shorts
halter neck womens bib shortshalter ladies bib shortshalterneck female cycling shortscustom halter neck bib shorts

bib shorts leg grippers

You can see that we use a thick and very stretchy strap that goes round the back of your neck so that you do not feel the strap pulling down on your neck when you are riding. The strap is so stretchy that when you want to pull the shorts down, you can just crouch over to help release the tension on the straps and then the shorts will just pull down at the back. We also use laser cut silicone coated leg grippers and a foam injected chamois, to make the comfort of the shorts complete!

If your brand is interested in using our patent under license, please contact Charlie at Carvalho Custom for more information.

Our custom cycling shorts get a Lycra upgrade

We put in an a lot of work to constantly upgrade our fabrics and we have a new fabric, Ultra Power, for our cycling shorts. It is super soft, comfortable and breathable whilst offering an optimum degree of compression; it also allows us to print brilliant bright colours and the colours do not dull even when the Lycra is stretched. We have started using Ultra Power for our EVO custom cycling shorts and our patented female halterneck cycling bib shorts.

custom bib shorts

New fluorescent colours for custom cycling jerseys & jackets

We have added fluorescent yellow to the colours available for our entire range of custom cycling clothing. We also have silver reflective strips that can be added to existing designs to make you more visible in murky conditions – these are typically added to the backs of jackets and on shoe covers.

custom cycling clothing flourescent

If you need help with developing or improving your club cycling clothing design, then please get in touch with us and one of our graphic designers will work with you directly to come up with a fantastic looking design. We do not charge any extra for this development work.

Race Around Ireland – Europe’s toughest cycling race

We are back this year to support the Race Around Ireland, one of the world’s most famous cycling challenges. It is 2100kms, which you need to finish within 5 and a half days – sleep is for the week and it loses you time. This year the race was overbooked and the 2016 race is already nearly booked up.
We made the custom cycling jerseys for the race and here you can see the solo competitors at the start presentation, trying to hide their fear with a carefree grin – it doesn’t fool us though.

rai 2015 custom cycling jerseys

The race starts in Trim in front of the castle and also serves as a qualification for the big daddy of endurance cycling racing, the Race Across America.

race around ireland 2015 start

Custom cycling & triathlon clothing at fair prices

10 years ago, cycling was for the most part a gritty unglamorous sport, all about suffering and camaraderie, whilst triathlon was a minority sport for nutters; equipment tended to be functional and choice was limited. Things could not be more different now, with all sorts of premium brands bringing some bling to the market and a seemingly never-ending choice of exotic equipment available, be it bikes, clothing, electronics, drinks, nutrition, training regimes and so on.

Sometimes it is easy to get lost among the glamour of the big brands that spend millions on advertising and sponsor the top teams and athletes; meanwhile, there are a few companies like Carvalho Custom that have eschewed the bright lights and kept plugging away focusing on producing pro quality kit but without the astronomical price tags. We have managed to keep our feet planted firmly on the grand and have never spent any money on marketing campaigns, instead relying on word-of-mouth and generally keeping our costs down to a minimum (for example by selling direct from Portugal to the world, rather than having regional distributors). It means that we can pass on these savings to our customers, so our prices are very attractive for the quality that we supply.

Having said all this, the bad news is that because of the increase in our costs of raw materials as we have upgraded many aspects of the kit we supply, we are making our first price increase for 3 years (an increase of around 5%). The good news is that if you are buying from the UK, then the 20% decrease in the value of the Euro against the Pound over the last 6 months or so means that our kit will be a lot cheaper for you! We are not going to apologize for putting our prices up because we still believe that we are the most competitively priced supplier of high end kit.

custom cycling clothing

So if you are after a glamour brand on your custom cycling jerseys or club tri suits, then we are probably not for you; but if you want the best value-for-money available for top end kit and a team that is truly dedicated to customer service then perhaps we are the right custom cycling & triathlon kit supplier for you.