We are e a premium quality supplier of custom cycling & triathlon clothing, located in a low-cost but high technology country (Portugal, one of the leading producers worldwide of premium quality sports clothing).

We do not use national distributors (we are an internet business) so you can cut out the middle man and buy very high quality kit at fair prices. We also offer industry leading lead times and a total focus on customer service, whatever it takes.


Fernando Carvalho was Portugal’s leading cyclist in the late 1980s/early 1990s and teamed up with Charlie Cutler, a Brit living in Portugal to start selling custom cycling clothing outside of Portugal from there the company has grown very rapidly and is now one of the leading suppliers of custom cycling and triathlon clothing in Europe, working together with Cofides, Portugal’s leading manufacturer of custom sports clothing.

Our very rapid growth over the last few years has been based on steadily improving our quality as we have moved to more premium quality and focusing on above all looking after our customers – we are very confident that our kit is as good as any custom kit available on the market and if you have any doubts, why not ask for some samples? Take for example our new custom cycling jersey incorporating our new Biofit system, which is one of the more high-tech options available on the market. It can be difficult to choose a custom clothing supplier, so here are the things we think you should consider.

We have four key values that drive the company forward:

    1. Quality– the kit we produce is pro team quality and we use the best fabrics and most recent technologies available on the market. We are constantly redeveloping our products to reflect the advances in fabrics available and changing customer demands.
    2. Service – we strive to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours and the majority of them within 2 hours and rigorously respect all deadlines. We have a no quibbles returns policy should there ever prove anything unsatisfactory about an order.
    3. Price– we are one of the lowest priced producers of pro quality cycling kit in Europe and we offer up to 10% discounts for larger orders.
    4. Cost control– we don’t waste money on national distributors, advertising, pro team sponsorship, celebrity endorsements and the like. We focus our resources on product development and customer service.

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Carvalho Custom is British owned, but we love northern Portugal. Here you can find information about organizing an event in Porto or a wedding in the Douro Valley.

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