Boards Cycling Kit, Ireland

We have just made the cycling kit for a popular Irish Cycling forum, boards ( They have confirmed our belief that the Irish are the best natured people on the planet and it has been a pleasure to work with them to produce their kit.

Here is what they had to say to us:

Hi Nicole,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with the kit! I finally managed to pry it from the hands of the Irish Postal service on Friday, and managed to get the stuff out to most of the guys that needed it in time for the Wicklow 200 on Sunday.

Everyone was universally delighted with the way it all turned out, the fit and design worked out just perfectly, and there were quite a few compliments from other riders on the day.

We’re so happy with the stuff, that there should be another order going in in a couple of weeks, and we will definately be getting training jackets for the winter (although we’re trying to enjoy the good weather we have right now while we have it!)

Also, I see from your blog that you’re now offering cycling caps, and am wondering if we would have to pay another design fee to get a boards cap aswell (as it wasn’t an option when we got the initial designs done)

Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to ordering from you again!


In fact the one off design fee that they paid when they placed the order covers the complete custom cycling range, so there will be no extra design charge to make custom cycling caps or any other custom cycling kit for that matter, even though we did not originally do a design for this.

North Somerset Cycling Development Squad

We were very happy to supply some jerseys to the NSCDS and they kindly sent us a photo which I have to say makes the jerseys look fantastic.

Here is the email they sent:

I thought I’d send you a photo of one of our lot for your gallery.
Everyone loves the kit and we will be sending in another order very shortly!
Do the new caps come in different sizes?

The answer to the question about the custom cycling caps is that they are currently one size fits all.

The Chain Gang, Tralee

We have worked really hard to establish our brand in Ireland – we don’t really believe in advertising, just the value of word of mouth that comes from delivering pro quality at fair prices. The Tralee Chain Gang had this to say about us:

Hi Charlie,

This is a pic of some of our ‘gang’ that attended the Currow CC tour cycle on the 1st June. We’re nearly thirty strong at this point so we still need to organise a proper shot of all of us to send it onto you -tralee chain gang we might need a camera with a wide angle lens to get us all into view though!

Everyone loves the kit, so much to the point that we even picked up three new previously unattached cyclists on the day, who were immediately interested going for a full set! And then you tell them the prices and people can hardly believe what you’ve quoted them for custom kit.

It’s getting a great wearing now that the weather’s improved a bit, getting 100 miles and more worth of wear a week and it’s all holding up excellently.

Our final word on our kit is; we absolutely recommend Fernando Carvalho to any club large, small or just starting out and interested in investing in their own kit. The help recieved through each step of the designing, sizing and ordering process is second to none and you finish up with your very own pro-quality kit exactly as you want it. For people like us, it helped bring a group of people who have been training together for years into a club with a real presence on the roads. And in only a matter of months from first contacting you. We can’t thank you enough.

Finally, keep an eye out for the Chain Gang on the roads of Munster and at the up coming Ring of Kerry and Tour of Waterford cycles, the next big ones on the menu – we’re nearly unmissable now!

Darragh Crowley

The Chain Gang CC
Co. Kerry, Ireland


Our cycling chamois

We have a new chamois for our shorts, which we think is the very best you will find. We have tried a large number out with the pro riders who test our kit for us and of course by the team at Fernando Carvalho and this was the very best.

So what should you look for in a good chamois? You will read all sorts of rubbish written in technical language about chamoises, but we would like to speak more plainly about it. What we think is important is that it gives support in the right places, it does not rub, it moves with the shorts as you pedal, it wicks sweat away (that is it does not soak up moisture) and it is hygienic (so it has properties that prevent bacteria from flourishing).

Our chamois is contoured so that it is thicker on the seat bones and has less support on the front of the saddle so that it does not bulk up (the density we use is 80kg/m3 for any chamois anoraks out there).

It is made from 82% microfibre and 18% elastane (a version of Lycra). This means that it will stretch in all directions to accompany the movement of your legs and because it is made in microfibre, it will wick away the sweat. (Microfibre just means that it is made of microscopically small fibres that will not absorb moisture, but rather allow it to pass straight through.)

Our chamois does not have any seams to reduce the possibility of any rubbing and by using a particularly soft and smooth microfibre finish, it reduces friction to an absolute minimum.

Finally, it has an antibacterial treatment to keep things as hygienic as possible.

So we have a great fitting chamois that is made with cutting edge fabrics all designed to make riding a bike as comfortable as possible. And we don’t believe in trying to impress our customers by blinding them with a choice of chamoises – we just offer the best and it is the same we supply to pro teams as to a first time rider.

Wheelworx tri- leading Irish team

We are very proud to supply some of the leading triathlon teams in europe – in Ireland we have supplied the kit for a few years now to Wheelworx, which sponsors leading athletes such as Ailen Morrison, Elena Maslova, Fernando Fuentes, Katharina Baldinger and Kim Visby.

Congratulations to Kim who just finished 11th in the Lanzarote Ironman and congratulations to Katharina for making our tri-suits look so great.

We have supplied a full range of kit to Wheelworx, including cycling and triathlon kit and it is available for sale in their shop. Find out more about them at and if you are in Dublin then you should definitely pay them a visit for service from people who are passionate about their sport.

New custom cycling cap

We have added an old style cycling cap to our range – we use microfibre for the main body of the cycling cap to wick away sweat, a felt sweat band to fit snugly round the head and a traditional stiff peak that can be worn in the up or down position.

We use the same sublimation printing technology for our custom cycling caps as for the rest of our custom kit so you can print exactly what you want and where you want it on the cycling cap.

At 6.85 euros it is very competitively priced for a sublimation printed cap, continuing our tradition of offering pro quality kit with excellent value for money.

Help for heroes jerseys

We have just supplied 600 jerseys for the Help for Heroes charity ride – – they are doing a ride sponsored by Halfords to raise money for injured soldiers. We are pleased to say that we delivered the jerseys in 4 weeks (two days early in fact!).

We were also very proud to supply a jersey for the Help for Heroes mascot (known as ‘Hero’ to his friends).

We are always happy to produce custom cycling jerseys and other kit for charity rides and have already supplied clothing for many events.

Client feedback from Nenagh Tri

Here is what Nenagh Tri had to say about their kit:

Hi Charlie,

Here is a snapshot of some of the lads before they lined out for the Joey
Hannon memorial triathlon last week (the little lad on the right won it).

I spent 5 1/2 hours in my gear the previous week at a 1/2 ironman and it was never less than comfortable. I thought the bulky zip would cause a problem under the wetsuit but it was fine. Thanks again for a great job.


Joe Cantwell
Nenagh Tri

Andover Tri Client Feedback

Here is what Andover Tri had to say about the order we delivered in Spring 2008:

hi Charlie,

Just to let you know that the kit you sent arrived safe & sound on monday afternoon. We spent last night unpacking it and cross checking the orders….everything seems fine i’m pleased to report.

I’m really pleased with how the design came out. The kit looks bright & vibrant and reflects the design work we put in accurately.

With regard to the order process i cannot thank you enough. We spent the best part of three years talking about changing the club kit and getting nowhere and in the space of four months including a lengthy christmas break we have looked at samples, chosen a supplier, designed the kit, ordered it and had it all supplied.

The whole process has gone extremely smoothly from start to finish and we are now looking forward to training & competing as a club with an identity.

I cannot thank you enough for the time you have taken to make the ordering process go so smoothly. You’ve responded straight away to any questions asked, been helpful and informative, the prices are competitive and you’ve been a pleasure to do business with.

I hope the kit holds up as well as it looks over the coming seasons and i’m sure we’ll be making other orders in the future…..winter season will be on us in a few months & we’ll need tights / jackets etc to keep us all toastie i’m sure!

Thanks for everything,

Howell Reed,
Andover Triathlon Club

Cycling on Lake Como

In the interest of fully testing our cycling clothing in a range of different environments, Charlie has just spent a week cycling on Lake Como in northern Italy with his slightly slower brother, Tom.

It is an unbelievable place to ride a bike, with great quality roads (most of the time) some monster climbs and unbelievable scenery. One of the major benefits is that the whole area is so stunning, if your other half doesn’t ride s/he will probably be quite happy chilling by the lake and looking at the beautiful people (George Clooney has a place there!).

We stayed in a tiny village called Dorio on the northeast coast, where by unbelievable luck there was a café on the main drag (Elsa Bar) that was owned by a cyclist (Big Lugo) who knew every possible cycling route in the area, spoke good English and was generally a very nice chap. Definitely worth a visit…..