Our lead times and holidays

We work very hard to be the custom cycling and triathlon supplier with the shortest lead times in the industry, normally working off 4 weeks. In recent months we have had unprecedented demand for our kit however and our lead times have been stretched to 7 or 8 weeks – we completely understand that many clubs need their kit quicker than this, but we just cannot make the kit any faster!

We are now putting in place plans to substantially increase our production capacity so that next Easter/Summer we will be able to manage the peak demand better.

To compound the problem further, in Portugal everything closes down in August, including our factory, so this will add a further 2 to 3 weeks on lead times for kit order before the holidays.

We are meeting the delivery dates that we have given to clients at the time of order, so clients are not getting their kit late. We like to think our kit is worth waiting for, but we hope to be back to 4 week lead times come September.

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