Microfibre custom technical t-shirts

We have just added a new microfibre fabric to our range and it is one of the best fabrics we have in our range. It is called Cuadro and we are using it for our new range of custom technical t-shirts; Cuadro is fantastically lightweight and silky smoorth, but through some ingenious microfibre engineering holds its shape really well and gives great wicking properties (wicking refers to the way a fabric carries moisture away from your skin to evaporate).

A technical t-shirts means that it is made from a fabric (microfibre) that will help you feel more comfortable when you start getting hot and sweaty and will also dry out super quick. Once you have done any level of sport you will never want to go back to good old fashioned cotton again! Our microfibre has a unique weave to it, which up close shows lots of tiny squares, which help to maintain the shape of the t-shirt when you are wearing it.

To print our custom technical t-shirts we use the same digital sublimation printing as we use for our custom cycling jerseys, which means there are no limits on the design & colours that you can print. It also means that rather than having the nasty scratchy printing that most t-shirts have, we actually dye the fabric, so the design will never fade or crack.

Microfibre has only one drawback – it is very expensive! That means that our custom microfibre technical t-shirts are going to cost more than getting a cotton t-shirts and doing old fashioned scrathy printing on them. In fact they are €22.15+VAT and depending on whether you are ordering other items, there may be a set up fee. This does mean you get a pro quality custom technical t-shirt with digital sublimation printing and absolutely no limits on your design, though – so it is worth every penny.

Comments (3)
  1. Edward Gatt

    Can you make custom shirts for sailing ?



    Aug 03, 2010 - 10:19 PM
    • Ed,
      We do have a wide variety of fabrics available and we should be able to come up with something for you. Please email me directly with some more information about exactly what you require, if possible with a link to a similar garment.
      Many thanks,

      Aug 04, 2010 - 01:50 PM
  2. Carl Heitmeyer

    Can you make custom shirts for Sailing?
    I’m thinking 12 to 24 of various sizes, in a light color, with a breast pocket, and a logo print on front with a larger print design on the back.

    908 420 4969

    Aug 10, 2013 - 12:41 AM