Seeds Cycling

We have supplied Seeds Cycling for a couple of years now with custom cycling kit. They are based near Dartford and are a smallclub of 36 members, but judging by the amount of kit they buy, they are growing rapidly!

seeds cycling

They do regular club training runs at different levels and they have a growing race scene as well as organising trips to sportives (they are doing the Marmotte this year for example – 13.8 kms at an average of 7.9% and 21 hairpins: I bet you wish you were back in Dartford when you get to the bottom of Alpe d’Huez!).

Anyway our sincere thanks to Seeds Cycling and I hope you all have a great 2009 on the bike.

Wider fit jackets now available

We have just added a new option to our range for jackets in a wider fit. Our original jacket shape is tailored for skinny cyclists and provides a fantastic fit for those who are not carrying too many extra pounds and like to have a figure hugging silhouette.

The new ‘wide fit’ jacket is better suited to those who want a more comfortable fit and also for triathletes who are bulkier because of the extra muscle mass. Please enquire for more details.

Veloventoux cycling kit

We are very proud to have supplied Veloventoux with kit for a few years now – they are one of the top organisers of cycling holidays for more serious cyclists in France. They are located about 20 minutes ride from Mont Ventoux (about an hour and a half from Marseille) and have 6 ensuite rooms to offer cyclists and some fantastic rides in the surrounding area.

Veloventoux cycling kitVeloventoux organise groups to ride the Marmotte and the Etape and other sportives and you can also just stay there and do your own thing, benefitting from their local route knowledge and cyclist friendly facilities or they can organise a full custom trip for you.

They are an extremely friendly and well run organisation and you can find out more about them at

Lincoln Wheelers

We were very proud to supply Lincoln Wheelers with their kit for 2008 and I am glad to say that they have been very satisfied customers. We had to put right a few chamoises for them as there was a production defect, but of course we will always replace any defective item that we produce as we offer a 12 month guarantee on everything we produce and cover any postage costs involved should any item need to be returned.

We are also very lucky that Lincoln Wheelers have been very helpful in testing for us some new ladies non-bib shorts and ladies jersey that we have recently developed. We are constantly adapting and changing our range and we are always looking for riders to test the new kit out as you need a lot of opinions to generate some worthwhile feedback.

Best of luck to Lincoln Wheelers for the 2009 season and thank you so much for the help with the testing!

Richmond Pro Cycling, USA

We have been supplying Richmond Pro Cycling with kit for a few years now – they are a pro cycling team from Virginia who are also very active in promoting cycling in the general community and in particular to disadvantaged groups. They are also kicking ass on their bikes and have become a force to be reckoned with on the US pro circuit, currently ranking 4th in the US Criterium Series.

Richmond Pro Cycling – custom kitThe team relies to a large extent on charitable donations to keep racing and they have done an amazing job in bringing cycling to a wider audience and giving something positive back to their community. You can find out more at Not all pro teams are blessed with millions of dollars/pounds/euros from wealthy sponsors and they are trying to establish a new model where they give their time and inspiration to their community and in return they get some financial support back. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me…

MAD mtb Dublin

We were very happy to get an email from one of Ireland’s largest mountain bike clubs, the Mountain Bike Association of Dublin( who we recently supplied. The team dog seemed particularly happy with the kit and here is the email they sent us:

Hi Nicole,

Please find attached some pictures of members (and mascot) wearing our new gear for your gallery.

Everyone is very impressed with it, some of the guys did a 200km tour last weekend and commented that the shorts were the best they’ve ever had. It’s been drawing compliments from members and other clubs alike and there’s been good demand for another order.

I’ve just finished taking requests for another order and I’ve had some ladies wondering if they could have 3/4 lengths without a bib?

Also, we’ve decided to get lycra shoe covers and cycling caps this time, so we’ll need a design for these. Is there any extra charge for this? (taking that all logos, colours etc are the same as before)

Many thanks,

The answer to the questions are that we can do the 3/4s with no bibs and there is no charge for designing extra items for the range as the one off design fee that they originally paid covers all the cycling kit designs.