How our discounts work on custom cycling & triathlon clothing

We have always tried to keep our pricing system as transparent and simple as possible, but because of the small scale nature of producing custom cycling & triathlon clothing it just doesn’t make sense to offer the same price to everyone. The key issue is that to make small numbers of a custom garment is very inefficient because the effort required to print 3 of a custom design is not much less than to print 30. Our production process is of course set up to produce small quantities, but we felt our pricing structure had to reflect as fairly as possible our costs of production, but how to make it as simple as possible?

custom triathlon clothing

Here you an see an example of some quite complex kit to produce (not a look that works for everyone admittedly, but it is a lot of work to make it happen….!). Most of our competitors have a system where there is one price for less than 10 of an item and then a lower price for say 10 to 50 and then an even lower one for 50+. This is a fair system in that it gives a reasonable reflection of the costs of manufacturing, but it does make it difficult for a club ordering if they do not know what the final price of an item will be until they know how many people would be ordering it. So we came up with a duel pronged strategy to make prices fair and simple: we have a minimum order policy that you have to order at least 10 of one item and then there are no minimums on any other items. This means that we know that on at least one item we will have some efficiency in production and the cycling or triathlon clubs we supply will know that they can offer our full range to their club members without surcharges for small orders. Then we set up a discount system based on the total order size, rather than on individual item quantities in order to simplify the calculation of the final price. Our discounts based on total order size are as follows:

€1500+ = 5%
€2500+ = 7%
€5000+ = 10%

We also set up an order form which allows you to input your order quantities so that it will automatically show you the discount as well as the shipping cost so that you can easily see the final value you will pay. There is more information here about how to place an order for custom cycling & triathlon clothing . We have been in business now for 17 years and  have built the business based on making a complex production process as simple as possible to navigate for our clients, making pricing as transparent as possible and above making pro quality kit at fair prices


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