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MAD mtb Dublin

We were very happy to get an email from one of Ireland’s largest mountain bike clubs, the Mountain Bike Association of Dublin( who we recently supplied. The team dog seemed particularly happy with the kit and here is the email they sent us:

Hi Nicole,

Please find attached some pictures of members (and mascot) wearing our new gear for your gallery.

Everyone is very impressed with it, some of the guys did a 200km tour last weekend and commented that the shorts were the best they’ve ever had. It’s been drawing compliments from members and other clubs alike and there’s been good demand for another order.

I’ve just finished taking requests for another order and I’ve had some ladies wondering if they could have 3/4 lengths without a bib?

Also, we’ve decided to get lycra shoe covers and cycling caps this time, so we’ll need a design for these. Is there any extra charge for this? (taking that all logos, colours etc are the same as before)

Many thanks,

The answer to the questions are that we can do the 3/4s with no bibs and there is no charge for designing extra items for the range as the one off design fee that they originally paid covers all the cycling kit designs.

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