Durham University Cycling Club Kit

We have just supplied Durham University CC with some spanking new kit to make them the smartest riders on the British Universities circuit.

Durham University cycling club kit

There is no reason that students should not be able to race in pro quality kit, just because the Government is wringing every last penny it can out of them. Our mission has always been to supply pro quality kit at reasonable prices and by supplying direct from Portugal with no middleman distributors trousering 30% of what you pay we are able to do just that.

Durham university cycling club clothing

So a heartfelt thanks from us at Carvalho Custom to DUCC for making our kit look so great and we hope you have a fantastic season!

RPC Team Cycling Kit

We have been supplying the Richmond Pro Cycling team from the USA for a few years now. They are based in Virginia and are unique in that one of their founding principles is to use cycling to teach leadership and motivation to deprived communities, helping kids with nothing to live for to find some focus. So they go into communities to teach kids to race bikes, but at the same time teach them self-discipline, teamwork and to aspire to a better life.

club cycling kit

They are a pro team so they rely on sponsors, but because they do so much for their local community they make themselves a much more attractive proposition. We are very proud to supply their team cycling kit and we look forward to seeing them race with our name on their jerseys again in 2011.

A Day in The Life of RPC from craig dodson on Vimeo.

If you want to find out more about how RPC work or make a contribution, speak to the team leader, Craig Dodson (contact details on their site).

I-team Cycling Club Kit

We are very proud to supply the kit to one of the most active online cycling clubs, I-Team CC. They have over 200 members worldwide and organise racing, coaching and training activities for their members and they all get to wear the great looking kit!

i-team custom cycling jerseys

I-team cater for all ages and abilities and they offer support for whatever your cycling aims are – here is what they say about themselves: “Something fundamental to i-Team is that we don’t just talk about doing something – we do it. From crazy ideas like roller blading up Mont Ventoux, to finishing a team of over 20 riders in the Etape du Tour, winning 2 National Championships, placing 9 youth & junior riders in to British Cycling Talent Team & 2 Juniors riders placed on the Olympic Development Team.” You can contact them via their site if you are interested in being a part of their online cycling club.

They have been a fantastic client to work with and we look forward to supplying more of their distinctive kit – they were kind enough to send us the following feedback:

Hi Nicole,

I would like to add the following feedback from my experience with your company so far – please feel free to include it as a testimonial on website etc.

“The clothing that a team wears is a major factor in the forming of a team’s identity. The importance of getting the right balance between style, value and quality should not be underestimated, nor should amount of time & effort it may take to get a design from the drawing board to manufacture.

Our team jersey design is particularly complicated, being asymmetrical, with a number of subtle design features and so we always have to work closely with suppliers to get things the way we like it.

Since 2003, we have tried suppliers from Italy, Belgium & U.K. and I can report that working with Carvalho Custom has been a breath of fresh air.

What especially impressed us was the great communication at all stages from initial enquiry, through to the prompt delivery – and the quality of the final product.

With this in mind, I would strongly recommend Carvalho Custom to anyone requiring a supplier of quality custom team clothing.

Thank you Carvalho!


Guy Watson

Team Owner www.i-team.cc

Big Bad Bike Ride Charity Cycling Shirts

We have been making jerseys for the Big Bad Bike Ride for a few years now. This year they had 158 riders and have raised over £53,000 at the lastest count.

charity cycling shirts

The organiser is Graham Kennedy who has received an MBE for his charity raising work – he set up the BBBR in 1991 to raise money for Ataxia UK (a Friedreich’s Ataxia research charity) and they have so far raised over £600,000. He also obviously knows how to organise a good time for all the riders and the post ride party is legendary. If you would like to take part in the next BBBR ride, then you can contact them via their website.

charity cycling jerseys

If you are doing a charity cycling ride, then we will make your cycling jerseys with no design fee (using our semi-custom online cycling jersey design program )if you agree to post on our facebook page. Read more about this offer for charity cycling jerseys by clicking the link.

Sportive Kinross cycling jerseys

We have been very proud to supply Kinross CC with cycling jerseys and as with many of the clubs we supply, we were very happy to help them out with some jerseys for the Kinross Sportive they are organising for April 23rd 2011, particularly as they are supporting the hospice CHAS with proceeds from the event.

This has to be one of the most beautiful and exhilerating places in the UK to ride a bike and above you can see a preview of what the Sportive will involve.

We wish all of the organising committee the best of luck – must be an utter nightmare to organise an event like that!

Bath Amphibians Club tri kit

Bath Amphibians is one of the leading tri clubs in the country and we have been supplying them for a few years now. They are a club that takes training, winning and having a good time all equally seriously and they cater for all talent levels (from lack thereof to world champions!).

bath amphibians club tri kit

Above is a photo of their female team winning the CTS coastal series wearing their Carvalho Custom club tri and cycling kit.

Edo van der Meer wins Veenendaal tri

We are involved with sponsoring the kit for a few leading tri teams – it is great for us to have pro triathletes training and racing in our kit for helping with product development and in Holland we sponsor the leading pro tri team SBDN Davilex.

The SBDN team have had a fantastic 2010 and they have just won the Veenendaal olympic distance tri – they managed to win male and female races which was a bit greedy…

custom men's tri top

Her is Edo van der Meer on his way to victory wearing our custom tri suit.

The Big Africa Cycle charity cycling jerseys

Now when you or I talk about going on a long ride, we might mean 150k and we would feel quite pleased with ouselves when we get home and put the kettle on. Some worthy souls might take it to the next level and perhaps try Land’s End to John O’Groats. Well Peter Gostelow is putting us all to shame – 25,000 kms London to Cape Town, unassisted and on his own. He is raising money for the Against Malaria Foundation.

You can imagine that as custom cycling jersey suppliers we get a lot of requests for free or cut price jerseys for charity rides. We would like to help them all, but as we get requests pretty much every day, we just cannot do it!

big africa cycle jerseys

Peter’s effort was just so monumental that we decided to help him out in a very small way and here he is on some God-foresaken track in the arse end of nowhere with paniers stuck all over his bike and a look of grim determination plastered over his face.

If you are doing a charity cycling ride we have found a way to help you reduce your costs, whilst helping us to do a bit of advertising. The way it works is that you produce your design on our semi-custom cycling jersey template and put in an order with us. You then post the design on our Carvalho Custom facebook page and then tell all your mates to comment on the picture. For each comment you get, we reduce the design fee (normally €90) by one euro. So if you get 90 comments, you get the design for free and just pay the cost of the kit.

It helps us bring a bit of traffic to our facebook site and saves you some money, so everyone’s a winner!

Wight Tri custom tri kit

We were very pleased to supply Wight Tri with kit this year, which they designed using our semi-custom tri kit option (as you can see in the photo they have semi-custom tri and cycling kit).

wight tri semi custom tri kit

They have been a pleasure to work with and anyone who lives on the Isle of Wight and is thinking about getting involved with triathlon needs to get involved with a club whose motto is “The body is bad and must be punished” as well as organising the regular “splash and dash” events (don’t ask, they do things differently on the Isle of Wight).

We are very proud to say that we are now one of the largest supplier of club tri kit to the combined Irish and UK markets, supplying over 100 triathlon clubs in these countries. It has been a lot of hard work and the biggest lesson for us is that for triathletes product quality is absolutely everything. When we first started selling tri kit a few years ago, we did not have the cut of our kit quite right and we did not invest enough in the top drawer fabrics, but we found that triathletes just wanted the best. So we redeveloped our range and we have had a lot of success with it, although unfortunately for us, there is no time to rest on our laurels as tri clothing technology is just moving on so fast, we are constantly having to reassess things.

SBDN Davilex Triatlonteam kit

We have just supplied Holland’s top triathlon team, SBDN Davilex Triatlonteam with new kit. They have racing for them many of Holland’s top triathletes, including Mirjam Weerd, pictured here winning the Amsterdam Olympic distance triathlon on 13th of July, wearing our custom female tri suit.

mirjam female custom tri suit

I can’t quite believe she is smiling for the camera, given the amount of pain she should be in. Anyway, best of luck for the whole team this season.

triathlon team kit