The Big Africa Cycle charity cycling jerseys

Now when you or I talk about going on a long ride, we might mean 150k and we would feel quite pleased with ouselves when we get home and put the kettle on. Some worthy souls might take it to the next level and perhaps try Land’s End to John O’Groats. Well Peter Gostelow is putting us all to shame – 25,000 kms London to Cape Town, unassisted and on his own. He is raising money for the Against Malaria Foundation.

You can imagine that as custom cycling jersey suppliers we get a lot of requests for free or cut price jerseys for charity rides. We would like to help them all, but as we get requests pretty much every day, we just cannot do it!

big africa cycle jerseys

Peter’s effort was just so monumental that we decided to help him out in a very small way and here he is on some God-foresaken track in the arse end of nowhere with paniers stuck all over his bike and a look of grim determination plastered over his face.

If you are doing a charity cycling ride we have found a way to help you reduce your costs, whilst helping us to do a bit of advertising. The way it works is that you produce your design on our semi-custom cycling jersey template and put in an order with us. You then post the design on our Carvalho Custom facebook page and then tell all your mates to comment on the picture. For each comment you get, we reduce the design fee (normally €90) by one euro. So if you get 90 comments, you get the design for free and just pay the cost of the kit.

It helps us bring a bit of traffic to our facebook site and saves you some money, so everyone’s a winner!

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