Personalised uniforms & workwear

We have been running Carvalho Custom, making custom cycling & triathlon clothing for 15 years now – it is amazing how much the market has changed over this time! If you take the UK, when we first started there were a handful of custom cycling clothing brands available in the UK, most of them still made in the UK, but now there are over 20 brands, most of which are made in China or elsewhere in Asia.

With new brands popping up all the time, we get regular requests for us to produce their kit for them and rebrand it as their own, typically because they do not want to source from China (either because of the carbon footprint, or because of some of the difficulties in doing business there), but we only produce for our own brand when it comes to custom cycling & triathlon clothing.

However in other areas of the clothing business, we are able to help with sourcing, particularly with personalised uniforms and workwear, where one of our key suppliers is a specialist. They are a small business but produce everything from scratch (whereas suppliers in northern Europe typically import uniforms from Asia in bulk and then just add a logo or name to the already completed garment). This means that they can supply an almost infinite level of customisation.

So if you are looking for a personalised uniforms supplier at a mid to premium price point, then please contact Charlie at

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