We are extremely busy!

This has been an unbelievable year for Carvalho Custom so far, for both triathlon and cycling kit. It is great to be selling kit to so many teams and it has really shown us that by making a lot of improvements to our range (in terms of a new cycling jersey fabric, improved breathability for waterproof membranes, more technical lycras, new cut for tri suits and so on) have really helped to bring in more clients – the message to us is that you want pro quality, but don’t want to pay ridiculously inflated prices for it.

With the amount of orders we have at the moment, we are having to deliver in 6 to 7 weeks, which is pretyy upsetting for us and for clients who want their kit, but we are already on 24 hour shifts and we still cannot meet demand, even though our capacity is up over 20% from last year. So I can only say sorry for those of you who would like their kit sooner, but we are delivering to deadline – it is just that the deadlines are not the 4 weeks we normally strive for at the moment.

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