Things to consider when choosing your custom cycling/triathlon kit supplier

We would like to think that you should choose us of course as your supplier, because we believe we offer the best value for money for pro quality kit and the best service. But what are the nuts and bolts you need to consider when choosing your supplier? Here are a few things you may not have thought about….

Will the supplier carry out graphics work as part of the service or will they demand extra money for it or insist that you deliver logos and graphics in a format you may never have heard of?

Will they resize logos and graphics so that they are in proportion to the different sizes that you are ordering? It seems incredible to us that some major suppliers print logos the same size for a size XS custom jersey as for a size XL, which can make designs look horribly disproportionate – all to save a bit of time in the design studio.

Can you extend patterns and lines over seams to get the design effect that you are looking for? It requires a lot of work for the production team to set up the designs so that graphics can cross seams and makes the life of the seamstress much harder. That is why a lot of suppliers refuse to do it.

When you are considering which supplier to go to, will they send you samples at no charge and with no commitment for you to place an order? Will they also send you sizing samples at no charge?

Will your supplier be prepared to make alterations to the cut of the kit to fit unconventionally shaped athletes? Will they lengthen the leg in your tri shorts or offer wide fittings in your training jacket for example?

These are all issues where suppliers can cut corners to save a bit of time and money, but you only find out about it in the small print!

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