There is a new girl at Fernando Carvalho Ciclismo!

There is a new girl at Fernando Carvalho Ciclismo! She is Nicole, who lived in New York until moving to Portugal to go to University in Braga. She was competing for a place on the US diving team before a car accident stopped her from competing.
Nicole is extremely good at developing designs for new clients, so you can always turn to her for inspiration and guidance for your custom designs – you will have to forgive her New York sense of humour however!

The technical sports garment industry is in a very rapid state of development at the moment, with new fabrics able to contribute an enormous amount to the performance of technical sports clothing; this means we have had to constantly adapt our range to reflect the latest thing available. We have just launched a new chamois for example with better contouring to give padding where it is most needed and a microfibre, anti-bacterial cover to wick away moisture and improve hygiene.

Our company has been growing very rapidly over the last few years, particularly in the custom triathlon kit market – it has meant that we have had to work extremely hard to meet our 4 week lead times and we have had to take on more people, but we are still proud to boast the shortest lead times in the custom cycling and triathlon clothing industry.

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