Cycling on Lake Como

In the interest of fully testing our cycling clothing in a range of different environments, Charlie has just spent a week cycling on Lake Como in northern Italy with his slightly slower brother, Tom.

It is an unbelievable place to ride a bike, with great quality roads (most of the time) some monster climbs and unbelievable scenery. One of the major benefits is that the whole area is so stunning, if your other half doesn’t ride s/he will probably be quite happy chilling by the lake and looking at the beautiful people (George Clooney has a place there!).

We stayed in a tiny village called Dorio on the northeast coast, where by unbelievable luck there was a café on the main drag (Elsa Bar) that was owned by a cyclist (Big Lugo) who knew every possible cycling route in the area, spoke good English and was generally a very nice chap. Definitely worth a visit…..

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