The Chain Gang, Tralee

We have worked really hard to establish our brand in Ireland – we don’t really believe in advertising, just the value of word of mouth that comes from delivering pro quality at fair prices. The Tralee Chain Gang had this to say about us:

Hi Charlie,

This is a pic of some of our ‘gang’ that attended the Currow CC tour cycle on the 1st June. We’re nearly thirty strong at this point so we still need to organise a proper shot of all of us to send it onto you -tralee chain gang we might need a camera with a wide angle lens to get us all into view though!

Everyone loves the kit, so much to the point that we even picked up three new previously unattached cyclists on the day, who were immediately interested going for a full set! And then you tell them the prices and people can hardly believe what you’ve quoted them for custom kit.

It’s getting a great wearing now that the weather’s improved a bit, getting 100 miles and more worth of wear a week and it’s all holding up excellently.

Our final word on our kit is; we absolutely recommend Fernando Carvalho to any club large, small or just starting out and interested in investing in their own kit. The help recieved through each step of the designing, sizing and ordering process is second to none and you finish up with your very own pro-quality kit exactly as you want it. For people like us, it helped bring a group of people who have been training together for years into a club with a real presence on the roads. And in only a matter of months from first contacting you. We can’t thank you enough.

Finally, keep an eye out for the Chain Gang on the roads of Munster and at the up coming Ring of Kerry and Tour of Waterford cycles, the next big ones on the menu – we’re nearly unmissable now!

Darragh Crowley

The Chain Gang CC
Co. Kerry, Ireland


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