Our cycling chamois

We have a new chamois for our shorts, which we think is the very best you will find. We have tried a large number out with the pro riders who test our kit for us and of course by the team at Fernando Carvalho and this was the very best.

So what should you look for in a good chamois? You will read all sorts of rubbish written in technical language about chamoises, but we would like to speak more plainly about it. What we think is important is that it gives support in the right places, it does not rub, it moves with the shorts as you pedal, it wicks sweat away (that is it does not soak up moisture) and it is hygienic (so it has properties that prevent bacteria from flourishing).

Our chamois is contoured so that it is thicker on the seat bones and has less support on the front of the saddle so that it does not bulk up (the density we use is 80kg/m3 for any chamois anoraks out there).

It is made from 82% microfibre and 18% elastane (a version of Lycra). This means that it will stretch in all directions to accompany the movement of your legs and because it is made in microfibre, it will wick away the sweat. (Microfibre just means that it is made of microscopically small fibres that will not absorb moisture, but rather allow it to pass straight through.)

Our chamois does not have any seams to reduce the possibility of any rubbing and by using a particularly soft and smooth microfibre finish, it reduces friction to an absolute minimum.

Finally, it has an antibacterial treatment to keep things as hygienic as possible.

So we have a great fitting chamois that is made with cutting edge fabrics all designed to make riding a bike as comfortable as possible. And we don’t believe in trying to impress our customers by blinding them with a choice of chamoises – we just offer the best and it is the same we supply to pro teams as to a first time rider.

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