New chamois/pad for our custom cycling shorts

It is just unbelievable the speed of change in fabrics and other equipment for cycling clothing – we have to dedicate so much time to testing new products and fabrics just to keep up with what is available and if we fall behind the cutting edge, our customers let us know pretty rapidly.

Cycling chamoises/pads is an area that is rife with innovation and it is obviously so important that we get it right. We have to update our chamois every year or two in response to innovations in the market and it feels like there is not a prototype chamois in the world that we have not tested.

We have generally not been convinced by the gel pads because of issues with their long term durability and the problems with sweat not passing through the gel and accumulating to give the nappy/diaper feel. We think that we have found the world’s best chamois now though:

chamois for custom cycling shorts

This chamois instead of using foam or gel uses a high density fibre mesh (a bit like wire wool but denser and softer!). The beauty of this is that it is much more breathable than high density foam or gel, so it allows sweat to pass through it much more easily, but unlike foam, will not retain any of the sweat. It is just as comfortable and durable though, giving the same levels of support in exactly the right places.

custom cycling shorts chamois detail

The surface of the chamois has no seams and incorporates carbon threads that help to distribute heat away from the main contact points of the chamois, so together with the mesh padding, avoid the “clammy chamois” feel which you can get at the end of a long ride when it is hot.

Then to top it off there is an anti-bacterial treatment that will not wash out, that to put it bluntly keeps the chamois smelling fresh and you free from infections no matter how many training hours you are putting in.

We have the carbon mesh chamois in both female and male versions, as the contouring of the pad is completely different for each.

We are really proud to be delivering this kind of cutting edge innovation to our clients so that they can enjoy the kind of technological solutions that pro riders have the privilege of enjoying.

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