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Custom cycling skinsuit for hero Terry Byrne

We have been making cycling kit for Help for Heroes charity rides for a few years now and when we had a call from them to say that one of the GB paralympic team cyclists wanted to race in Help for Heroes colours, we were delighted to make them a custom cycling skinsuit, and we were honoured to be able to help.

custom cycling skinsuit
The rider is Terry Byrne and he lost his right leg below the knee fighting for his country, but he can still ride a bike fast – in fact very fast.

You can see him here wearing his skinsuit and you will notice that we use a special lycra (Power Lycra) that allows us to print dark colours such as dark blues and black without them losing too much of their colouring when the lycra is stretched. It is a sure sign of low quality in a skinsuit or bib shorts when you stretch the lycra and the colours all whiten significantly – and even worse than that it might turn see through, which is a really bad podium look

Comments (1)
  1. Adrian Boler

    I am in the Royal Air Force I also cycle and I love the help for heroes skinsuit. How can I get a similar suit to show my support for my lost colleagues?.

    Oct 29, 2011 - 08:29 PM