Riding the Col de la Colombière

I had the opportunity to do a day of cycling out of Geneva the other day, and we chose the Col de la Colombière. It is a typical alpine climb, 16.3 kms at an average of 6.8%, with a kick in the teeth at the end with 3 kms at over 10%.

It was pretty embarassing to get my backside whipped by my brother, but was made up for by the sight of another guy who was riding with us when he hit the top. Jake was not in the best of shape, but through brute will power he charged to the top and suffered like a dog, in the best tradition of amateur cycling. Pictured here at the top!

If you’ve got a summit photo of someone looking worse off than this, please send it in and we will publish it here (especially if you are wearing Fernando Carvalho kit!).

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