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Improvements our custom cycling and tri kit

It is unbelievable how quickly things are moving in the cycling and triathlon kit market, mainly because of the new fabrics and technologies that are available. It is a nightmare trying to keep on top of all the new developments, as sometimes it feels like as soon as we bring out a new piece of kit we have to replace it with something even more up-to-date!

The areas that we are currently working on and will be introducing soon are:

* More durable silicone leg grippers that will stand up better to frequent washing and abuse
* New female cycling chamois
* New 8 panel ladies bib shorts with a more waisted shape
* New ladies cycling jerseys for a more flattering cut
* An alternative cut to our men’s custom tri suit for those that require it so that the cut is more waisted, to better fit the harder core athletes who train far too hard and have that perfect triangular upper body (you know who you are)
* A new ladies cut to our custom tri suit that shapes better round an athletic female figure and gives a more flattering look

Bearing in mind that all this stuff has to be designed, tested and tested again, then washed countless times, then tested again and you can guess we have got our hands full, but if there is anything else you think we could improve, then please just let us know!

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