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Our new order form, to organise your club members’ orders

We keep on trying to improve things here at Carvalho Custom to make things easier for our clients, so we have brought out a new excel order form that will allow the person who puts the order together for a club to easily add together all the individual orders received from club members.

So the idea is that the club clothing administrator will receive a load of orders from club members, which s/he will input one by one into our new order form; then when this is finished, s/he presses a button and all the individual orders are added together to make a total club order, which can then be emailed to us to produce. The order form can also be used in the traditional way of just inputting a total order for a club or organisation – the system is just more user-friendly than a standard order form and it will automatically calculate the final price for you based on the total quantities ordered.

So the order form performs three roles – it provides a convenient way of recording the individual orders of club members, it saves you the hassle of having to consolidate the individual orders into a total order and it will automatically calculate the final total price and the price for each individual. You can download the new order form here (please make sure you activate the macro when you start, by clicking on the option when prompted – you will get a security warning when you do this, but it is completely safe!).

When you download the order form (it is in excel), the first thing you should do (once you have activated the macro) is to click on the instructions button, although it should be reasonably self-explanatory. You can click on the red triangles scattered round the order form for further instructions.

Essentially the way it works is that you first select the items that you intend to order, then you can choose either input the total club order in one go, or you can input all the individual orders from the club using the ‘Add Multiple Orders’ button . You then just hit the ‘Calculate Total Price’ button and the program will finish off the order form for you.

This is a new system for us and we are sure to need to make some changes, so please let us know what you think!

Comments (1)
  1. Martina

    We are a triathlon club in Austria and we want to design our own triathlon uniform. We need both men and women uniforms.
    In total we would need around 10 pcs. (7 men and 3 women)
    What is the minimum quantity for each style?
    Do you have suits and tricots+trousers?
    Can you send me an information about the prizes?
    Before we choose the right supplier we want to see some samples to see the sizes and the quality.
    Could you send us samples?
    If you need a deposit for security reasons, let me know.

    Best regards Martina

    Oct 11, 2011 - 06:49 PM