New bio-ceramic cycling jersey fabric

We try very hard to keep all our fabrics bang up to date, but frankly with the rate of development of new fabrics it is very hard work. Not a week goes by without us receiving a new fabric to test and the pro riders we use to test them are always trying out something new for us.

A lot of the new fabrics are in fact pretty similar to the old ones, but sometimes something quite special comes along. So we have a new cycling jersey fabric, which is from the new family of bio-ceramic textiles. These are supposedly the big secret behind the clothing using by the GB Olympic cycling team, which had to be burnt after they were used so that nobody could copy them.

Bio-ceramics are natural materials consisting of a combination of mineral and ceramic oxides. This mixture is fused together at a very high temperature and the result of this is a bio-ceramic material which is capable of emitting far infra-red light (FIR). FIR penetrates deep into muscles, to promote blood flow, which means more oxygen can be delivered to them to increase their recovery rate. The end result is greater endurance and fewer aches and pains.

bio-ceramic cycling jersey fabric

Our new fabric, Bio-Cerâmica is fantastically soft to the touch, is resistant to threads pulling and is stretchy for a great fit. It is not going to transform you from a back of the bunch grunter to Bradley Wiggins, but every little bit helps!

Comments (3)
  1. I am agent the yarsn in Spain , I looking for yarn Bioceramic ,
    Can you give me more information about this yarn

    Apr 26, 2011 - 08:32 AM
    • Jose,
      I am sorry to say that we get our Bios-Cerâmica fabric especially made for us and it is not available for sale!

      Apr 27, 2011 - 07:49 AM
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