Halterneck cycling shorts patent

It is very exciting to see our halterneck cycling shorts, developed by Carvalho Custom (with utility patents pending and design patents granted), going on sale under license to Wiggle and their DHB brand. We spent a lot of time developing this product – as with many of these things, the final result may appear deceptively simple but the road to get there was a long one! We knew that so many female riders were not buying bibs because it is such a hassle to pull them down when nature calls and we knew that there had to be an answer that did not involve zips, clasps or any straps that needed to be removed. Our halterneck designs with the back straps joining under the arm means that in the riding position the shorts are held up at the back as they would be by normal bib shorts, but when a rider gets off the bike and crouches down, the pressure is relieved on the back straps and the shorts can just be pulled down, as if they were non-bib shorts. The back straps also guide the front straps round the side of the chest, so also resolving the problem of straps rubbing on breasts.

halterneck bib shorts

For female riders who have never used bib shorts, the advantages of them are:
– the chamois is held in position up against your backside so it does not shift out of place at all, or rub
– the small of your back will always be covered by the back of the shorts, so there will not be a gap between jersey and shorts
– there is no elastic waist to dig in to your tummy

Wiggle producer a video to show how they work:

And here you can see how the straps allow the back of the shorts to be pulled down when you squat down:

halter neck cycling shorts

You can buy our custom halterneck bib shorts here.

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