Falling euro means you pay less from the UK

In these times of economic gloom there is a bright side if you are buying our kit from the UK. The value of the euro has been tumbling in in recent months, from 1.05 to the pound to 1.20 at the moment – that means that for UK customers our prices are now 14% cheaper than they were!

Combine this with the fact that we work in a low cost economy, Portugal, selling directly to the UK and elsewhere from there. For example the minimum wage in Portugal is €475/£395 a month, but we pay our seamstresses around €700/£585 a month, as working with lycra requires highly skilled workers. That is still a lot less than a skilled seamstress receives in the UK however (around €1560/£1300 a month) and that, combined with the fact that we run a very lean business, is why our prices are so competitive.

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The reason that our prices are not even lower than they are is because we use the very best fabrics available, which are extremely expensive for us to buy. The difference in price between a square metre of a basic microfibre and our new Bio-Cerâmica fabric is two to three times for example. We are commited to producing pro quality custom cycling kit and medium range prices, we we just have to bite the bullet on the cost of our raw materials.

We are never going to chase the cheap and cheerful end of the custom cycling and triathlon clothing market, because we think that anyone who takes their sport at all seriously wants to ride in the best quality kit possible. Our philosophy is just that you shouldn’t have to pay the earth to ride, swim or run in the same quality kit as the pros wear.

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