Cycling and triathlon female sizing

I have to say we have quite a few headaches trying to get our female sizing right – to put it bluntly, the problem is that there are a lot of shapes and sizes to cater for, so we can’t keep all our female customers happy! We have a new female cut cycling jersey, which has a more contoured fit and shortened arms than our standard jersey and we also have new non bib shorts that are more waisted and have a female specific chamois. We already have female specific custom tri suits and female tri tops, which have proven extremely popular with the girls we supply.

We strongly advise all our clients that they get some samples for sizing purposes – there is no charge for this and we only ask that you post them back to us. We have now reworked our sizing chart, which gives more detail about the female sizing.

Click Here to Download Sizing Chart

For skinny female cyclists, we would generally recommend that you go for the male sizing for the custom cycling jerseys and jackets, because you will probably not require the extra contouring that the female cut gives.

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