Are you ready for a custom racefit cycling jersey?

So you took up cycling a few years ago. Gradually you started to avoid discussions about just how much your new wheels cost and why you needed a new winter training bike. You began to question your choice of friends – who needs a friend anyway who is not interested in how your new gear ratios have had a real impact on your cadence? And what about your arse? It has transformed from a saggy cushion to sit on to a sculpted rock, to say nothing of the contoured ridges of muscle starting to poke through your cycling shorts. But what is this ripple of bones jutting out the side of your abdomen – could it be ribs? Then perhaps you too are ready for a Racefit Jersey.

You have done the journey and like Tadej Pogačar, you too get to wear a special jersey now. Yours may not be yellow, but a Racefit jersey is the symbol that you are now officially A Cyclist. We have spent a lot of time on developing our new custom racefit jersey, with some brand new fabrics and technology. Because a racefit jersey is going to be tight on your skin, the lycras and microfibres that are used have to be super breathable and high wicking – if not it will feel clammy and heavy once you begin to sweat. All the fabrics have to be extremely lightweight so you get that feeling that the jersey is barely there and we minimised the number of seams so that despite the skintight fit, you do not get any chaffing. This means that the sleeves are laser cut, so there is no seam at all on the arms.

Here is a video explaining our custom racefit cycling jersey.


If you have not yet completed your journey to racefit then we have a slightly less high tech and less fitted alternative that is ‘Biofit’. Please contact us if you would like to see samples.

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