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WyndyMilla comes to Portugal

We have been supplying Henry Furniss with custom cycling kit for 3 years now, first as an elite rider for the Bike & Run team and then for his own cycling coaching organisation and race team, WyndyMilla.

Henry Furniss

Henry Furniss wearing our kit!

Henry has got ants in his pants and likes things done yesterday, so wanting a design for some new kit done quickly, he jumped on a plane from London at 6.30 this morning and he flew back this evening clutching his precious designs having spent the entire day locked in a room with Charlie and a graphic designer (apart from an extended lunch by the sea).







Henry likes to make innovative cycling jersey designs and we are always more than happy to work with all our clients to work with them to produce the perfect design for them. We do not charge extra for design hours, even if that might include completely redrawing logos, redrafting, working from photos or sketches on the back of an envelope. We just charge a one off design fee and for that you get all the work that is required and no limits on logos, colours or any of the other nonsense that some suppliers insist on.

Anyone who is brave enought to fly out from England, we will pick you up from the airport and buy you lunch and we will make you a design you will love! No excuses then…..

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