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Why we don’t use national distributors & sell direct from Portugal

We sell our custom cycling and triathlon kit direct from Portugal to countries all round the world – UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Finland, Russia, Norway, Canada to name a few. We are often contacted by companies who want to represent our products in their country of origin, because just about all of our competitors use national distributors, but we always turn them down as it just doesn’t make sense!

If we had a distributor in every country we sold to, then they would earn 20 to 30% margin on everything we sold and then our prices would be nearly as high as our direct competitors (that is those selling high end custom cycling and triathlon kit). It would also mean that you as the client would not have a direct line of contact with the actual manufacturer so every request you made would have to go down a line of Chinese whispers, with all the mistakes and delays that this entails.

portugal flag

It just makes so much sense to buy your kit direct from a low cost country and cut out the middle man. Although we are in Portugal we are English/American, so there are no language barriers to worry about if you speak English and we do not have the enormous production costs that rich country producers have to shoulder, nor the wasted money and inefficiencies that national distributors bring. That is why we can offer pro quality clothing at reasonable prices, together with first class service, which is what we deliver!

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