We are the only supplier who gives a discount on late deliveries!

It has been gratifying to receive several orders from clubs who have been let down by their existing supplier on delivery times and have come to Carvalho Custom because we are the only custom cycling and triathlon clothing supplier who gives a discount on later deliveries. The way it works is that once your design has been approved, we will give you a delivery date for when it will leave our factory with the courier. For every day we are late on this date we offer a 2% discount; so imagine we were 5 days late, that would mean you would get a 10% discount!

We go to enormous lengths to make sure that we meet our delivery deadlines and the truth is very occasionally we miss them and we have to pay up the discount (this week, for example, we delivered to a client two days late because some items were rejected in quality control and we had to pay up the 4% discount) . You can imagine that having this kind of financial penalty keeps us very focused on meeting delivery deadlines and that is the main reason we do it. We often hear laughable stories of our competitors delivering literally months late and it is absurd that clubs put up with this kind of service, which is why we decided to implement our 2% per day strategy, to show that we are different.

Outside of peak months (May to July) we generally delivery in 4 to 5 weeks and we are often able to produce rush orders in much less than this for rush orders. We control our own production out here in Portugal, which means that orders don’t get shunted down the production list for one reason or another. That is why we are unbeatable on meeting our production deadlines and we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is!

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