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Pamplona Capital Management custom tri kit

We make lots of custom cycling and triathlon kit for corporate teams from the financial sector – the big cheeses who circulate money round the global financial system also seem to be very competitive when they get their hands on a bike! Over the last year or so we have supplied among others, HSBC, ING, I-Shares, ICAP, Deloittes and Pamplona Capital Mangament (picture below).

custom ladies tri suit

The Pamplona Capital Management team seem to get around the triathlon race circuit a bit and judging by the photos they are in pretty good shape so there has to be a suspicion that (perish the thought) some of them might prefer to be out training than sitting behind their desks making squillions. [Note to Pamplona Capital Management CEO – your staff come up with all their best ideas when they are out training in the fresh air, so perhaps you should make triathlon compulsory for all your employees?].

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