Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Tri Team custom tri suits

If you have ever worked with us here at Carvalho Custom, you will probably know that one of us is from New York (that will be Nicole) – the thing about New Yorkers is that they tell you exactly what they think, which always keeps things interesting in the office….

Anyway, we just did some custom tri kit for the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Tri Team, we were looking forward to their feedback, as we knew it was going to be frank. Luckily they liked the kit and this is what they wrote:


We can’t thank you enough.  The suits came out amazing.  We even got them in time for a sprint tri that half of our team did this past weekend.  The whole group is psyched to wear them July 9th for the New York City Triathlon!  Thanks so much again, the suits are so AWESOME!  We will definitely be using you guys again!

Now that is the kind of honesty I like – if you are looking for an honest opinion on a design idea, then just ask Nicole and she will tell you EXACTLY what she thinks. Now what’s a guy gotta do to get some cwarffee round here?

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