New semi-custom tri suit design options

We have an option for clients to make their own semi-custom cycling jerseys (and shorts) and semi-custom tri suits online and we have just added some more design templates for the triathlon suits so that there are now a total of 3 options.

custom cycling kit

Our semi-custom system allows you to choose any colours you wish and add any text or logos that you may require. The only restriction is that the pattern shapes that form the template cannot be changed. The design cost if you use our semi-custom system is just €90 (as opposed to €150 design cost for a full custom cycling or triathlon design, where there are no restrictions on the patterns). If you make a design using our online semi-custom designer, but want to order other items from our range (such as jackets, tri tops or whatever) then we will transfer your semi-custom design to these items and there is no extra charge for this.

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