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New carbon biofit custom cycling jerseys

We have been getting our head down and doing some more product development here at Carvalho Custom – our latest piece of cutting edge technology is the Carbon Biofit custom cycling jersey. Using carbon fibre threads mixed in with microfibre allows us to have a super lightweight jersey that is still very strong, which makes it very resistant to threads being pulled and general wear and tear; meanwhile it has a very high wicking capacity (so it helps sweat to evaporate from your body), helps to regulate body heat and won’t stick to you when you start to get sweaty.

carbon biofit custom cycling jersey

The perfect club cycling jersey has to be lightweight, soft to the touch, not cling to skin, hard-wearing, moisture and heat regulating and have an attractive appearance – we think we have pretty much done it all with this new fabric…. This new jersey will replace our current Bio-Cerâmica fabric, which has been a fantastic product for us, but we think the Carbon Biofit is even better!

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