Mirjam to race South Africa Ironman

We have sponsored tri kit for Mirjam Weerd, a pro triathlete from the Netherlands and she is racing the South Africa Ironman this weekend (on Sunday).

custom technical t-shirt

Here she is receiving a prize for a 25k warm up race she did a few days before, of course wearing one of our faboulous custom technical t-shirts! As with a lot of our products, our microfibre technical t-shirts are not cheap at €23.25, but that is because we use top of the range microfibre to make them and there is an enormous difference in terms of performance from one microfibre to the next. What is most important in a technical t-shirt is the wicking capacity, the silkiness (so that you can hardly feel you are wearing it) and the stretch in the fabric so that you don’t have to wear it baggy (and show off your rippling torso of course!). Our mission as a company is to provide pro quality at accessible prices, so we do not apologise if our prices are not the cheapest in Europe, even though we make the kit in one of the lowest cost countries in Europe (Portugal) and sell direct to customers without using national distributors to keep costs down.

Anyway, best of luck Mirjam on Sunday and enjoy the race….

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