Improvements to our racefit custom cycling jerseys

The pro peloton has really driven change in the design of cycling jerseys, demanding a body contour fit with no hint of flapping fabric, but without sacrificing breathability which can be a problem with traditional lycra. The solution has been to combine various fabrics to get the perfect balance of fit and performance.

racefit custom cycling jersey

Over the last 3 years our racefit custom cycling jerseys have gradually evolved and we like to think we have now got the balance just right. We use a super lightweight lycra over the shoulder areas, where a firm fit is most important, then on the side panels a lycra mesh to draw the front and back panels up against the torso whilst maintaining full breathability and then a lightweight, supremely breathable, stretchy fabric for the front and back panels. You might not want to wear our racefit cycling jersey if you still haven’t lost those extra winter pounds, but once you get in shape, it is the ultimate cycling jersey!

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