If we are late on deliveries, you get 2% a day discount

We are the only custom cycling & triathlon kit supplier in Europe who offers a 2% discount for every day we deliver late. We would like to say that we never deliver late, but unfortunately that is not the case, because as with every business, sometimes things go wrong, like machines breaking down, electricity cuts, suppliers not delivering and so on and on and on. So sometimes we deliver a couple of days late, but if we do, then we compensate our clients with a 2% discount for each day we are late. The reason we do this is to show how important we consider it to meet out deadlines. Our industry is know for delivering weeks and even months late and we really wanted to show that we really mean it when we say that we will do everything we can to deliver on time and pay the consequences if we fail.

The ongoing growth of Carvalho Custom from a tiny company from a small town in Portugal to one of the leading suppliers of custom cycling jerseys and other cycling & tri clothing to northern Europe has been a very simple story. We have focused on making premium quality kit, not charging the earth for it by selling direct from Portugal (so keeping costs down by not using national distributors) and offering unrivaled quality of customer service. Whilst other brands have focused on sponsoring leading clubs and triathletes to try and gain credibility, we have just kept plugging away at what we do best, leaving the gimmicks and the expensive sponsorship deals to others. That is why we are the lowest cost supplier of premium custom cycling & triathlon clothing selling in to northern Europe and why we are the only supplier that gives a financial guarantee on late deliveries.

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