How to choose a new custom cycling/triathlon kit supplier

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best possible kit supplier for your club/team/organisation – we think that we are the best available in terms of quality, custom service and price, but how can you compare suppliers? Here are the 7 questions that we think you should ask all the potential suppliers that you contact.

1. Can you send us some samples, free of charge with no conditions attached?

2. Is all work included in graphic design included in your set up costs, or will you have various limits in terms of fees per hour for graphic design work, limits on the numbers of colours a design can have and demands that graphics and logos only be sent in obscure file formats?

3. Can you give us the name and contact details of some clubs that you supply so that we can contact them for references?

4. When you make the kit will you resize the logos and graphics so that they are proportional to the size of each garment and so that graphics can cross seams and match up correctly? (It is extraordinary that some suppliers just print off the same size graphics for a size XS as they do for a size XL, so the kit ends up looking completely disproportionate).

5. What are you minimum order numbers?

6. Can you deliver kit within 4 weeks and are you prepared to offer financial guarantees on delivery times?

7. Can you offer specific ladies cuts across the range?custom bib shorts and jersey

We don’t believe in small print and there are no hidden extras in the way we run our business, so if you have any questions for us, please just ask!

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