HLL Custom tri suits

We get all sorts of strange requests for custom tri suits here at Carvalho Custom and some of them can be quite challenging for us to produce. When the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership triathlon team said that they wanted their custom tri suits to look like they were wearing jeans, we knew it would be a bit of a challenge, but we think it came out pretty well.

HLL custom tri suits

We will leave you to make you own mind up…..

Whatever you think about the design of their triathlon suits, there is no doubt that Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership is a fantastic organization: it is a non-profit youth service organization that uses lacrosse to engage roughly 300 at-risk children from low income areas of New York City, providing a safe, structured environment for children to compete, learn and develop into future leaders in their communities. Carvalho Custom salutes you and all the other organizations round the world looking to make a difference through sport.

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