East Midlands Postal Service Kit

We are very pleased to have supplied some custom tri kit to “The Posties” who are a small team that compete in Ironman events round the world. When you are going to compete over those sorts of distances, then you have every right to be demanding of your kit and we made some adjusments for them to help get the kit exactly as they wanted it.

Here is what they had to say:


A few things were important to us:
1)      That the tri top and shorts were separates (if you’ve raced IM distance you’ll know why)
2)      That the top had pockets to keep food in
3)      That we would be visible from a distance
4)      That the kit would be thin enough to be comfortable in hot weather
5)      That the shorts would be comfortable for bikes of up to 6 hours (the posties concerned know who they are)
6)      That you could supply kit in different sizes and lengths as we all have odd preferences (including one of our team who wanted sleeves on their tri top…don’t ask)

7)      And , of course, that we’d actually look like a team (and you can see from the photos that we did). We raced twice as a team this year.  Once at Beaulieu in a middle distance warm up and once at IM Germany.

We looked great, even if this year we didn’t send anyone to Kona.  First Postie past the post was Graham in 10.04 (despite being at least 2 stone overweight and training for only 6 weeks which is basically very annoying); Adrian in 10.12; me in 10.54; my brother 10.57 (oh yes); Adam in 12.30 and Alex some time later via a number of the medical tents.

emps custom tri kitKit was great.  Next A race for the Posties is Lanza 2009 where it will get an even harder pasting.


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