Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are your prices so low because you use second-rate materials and skimp on production quality?
  2. What is sublimation printing?
  3. Can I see some samples?
  4. What happens if I am not satisfied with our kit?
  5. How long will it take to get our kit made?
  6. Why are you selling directly from Portugal?
  7. Can you help us to make a custom design?
  8. Why do you charge a design fee?



  1. Our prices are typically 30 to 40% lower than those charged in northern Europe for custom cycling and triathlon clothing and the main reason for this is because we do not have an expensive distribution network and sell everything over the internet. We are also fortunate to be based in one of Europe’s lowest wage economies, which helps keep down costs. We use cutting edge fabrics for all our kit and we are constantly updating our fabrics to keep up with innovations. This means that we are very confident that the quality of our custom kit will compete with any other available on the market – are prices are just lower, not our quality.
  2. Sublimation printing is the way that we print all of our garments and this is a means of permanently dyeing white fabric so that colours and designs will never fade or affect the technical properties of the fabric. A special sublimation ink is used, which is held in a liquid solvent and printed onto transfer paper The ink is then transferred from paper to fabric by heating the dye until it vaporises into a gas which then permeates the actual fibres of the material before re-solidifying.  The dye is actually held by the fibres and not in the pores between the fibres.  This allows moisture vapour to pass through the fabric without restriction as well as applying a permanent finish to the garment.
  3. We are happy to send out samples if you will agree to send them back to us.
  4. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your kit for a genuine reason.
  5. Our lead times are 4 weeks throughout the year, other than when we close over Christmas, and for a week at Easter and two weeks in early Summer. For new designs you should also allow approximately two days to reproduce your custom design and 3 days delivery time. For rush orders we are often able to delivery in less time than this and we offer a financial guarantee of 2% discount for every day we deliver late.
  6. We are selling directly from Portugal because the nature of our business means that we do not need to pay third parties to distribute our kit – a distributor will typically be making a margin of 20 to 30% on custom kit and we can pass that saving on to our customers. Portugal is also a fantastic place to live!!
  7. We are very happy to help in any way that we can with the design of your custom kit. If you have a rough sketch of you custom cycling jersey you would like us to base a range of kit on, or if you would like us to copy some ideas from a photo of some other kit then we can do so and there is no charge for this service. We will also prepare your logos for printing (this is called vectorising, which means that when the logos are expanded they do not pixilate) and again there is no charge for this. If you do not have any ideas for your design, we can send you some template for you to use as a base and we can then adapt them to your requirements.

We charge a design fee because it is extremely time consuming for us to set up all the templates that we need to print the kit. The work involved in producing a mock up of the design for clients to approve is only the tip of the iceberg as once the design goes into production although the individual panels that make up a particular piece of kit need to be designed.