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  • Shu Pillinger attempts to be the first british female to complete Race Across America

    Here is Shusannah Pillinger cooling down after cycling 300 miles in the first day of her attempt to be the first ever British female to finish the world's toughest cycle race.

    shu pillinger raam

    We are very proud to be her kit sponsor and it is truly amazing what she is attempting to do. Go Shu!!

  • Shusannah Pillinger talks about the Race Across America

    Here is Shu talking about her attempt to complete the epic RAAM 10th of June. We are so proud to sponsor her in her attempt. Best of luck Shu!

    And here is Shu out at the start of the race, in her Carvalho Custom cycling kit!

    shu raam 2014

  • Duchenne Dash - London to Paris bike ride

    An old school friend has a son with a genetic disorder, Duchenne muscular dystrophy , and they are raising money for research with a London to Paris bike ride (among others). We are very proud to supply their charity cycle jerseys . Here you can see Hugh Dennis, Dermot Murnaghan and Krishnan Guru-Murthy getting ready to go.

    duchenne cycling jerseys

    You can find out more about the Duchenne Dash here and any contributions will go to a great cause.

  • Team BASED from Holland looking sharp

    Dutch cyclists are always looking for something to ride up rather than battering along the flat all day long and here are Team Based out training in the hills around Limburg. Not exactly the Alps, but in Holland you have to take whatever you can get!

    team based custom cycling kit

    Anyway our thanks to Team Based for making our custom cycling clothing look so great and for coming up with such a good looking design!

  • Giro d'Italia cycle show in Dublin

    We have just got back from exhibiting at the Irish Cycle Show in Dublin which was at the finish area of the Giro d'Italia. There were thousands of people there and thank you so much for everyone who came along to the "Carvalho Café" for cupcakes and a glass of port. A special thanks to all our existing customers who came along to say hello, because selling our custom cycling and triathlon kit direct from Portugal, we rarely get to actually meet our clients. Anyway, although I say it myself, our stand had to be the most original at the show and it was great to share it with the Race Around Ireland guys and girls and we are very proud to be sponsoring Europe's toughest cycle race again this year.

    carvalho custom dublin cycle show

  • We will be at the Irish Cycle Show 10th & 11th May

    This year the Irish Cycle Show is going to coincide with the Giro d'Italia, which is coming to Dublin. We are going to be setting up the Carvalho Café where everyone will be welcome to wet their whistles Portuguese style and who knows what else we will be giving out. For us these events are as much about meeting our existing customers as meeting new ones, as selling direct from Portugal we rarely get to meet our clients face to face, so if you already buy from us, please come along and say hello - it really means a lot to us.

    We are also delighted to welcome the Race Around Ireland to our stand - the RAI is the toughest cycle race in Europe (2,150kms of continuous racing) and we have been proud sponsors for the last 4 years. The cycle show will be a great opportunity for you to speak to race director, Alan Heary, if you think you have got what it takes to take part.

    carvalho custom cafe

    Please check out our new custom cycling jerseys when you are there!

  • Video about our new biofit jersey and jackets

    We are now moving pretty much all of our production of custom cycling jerseys and jackets to Biofit, which gives and improved fit and better breathability for the jackets, principally by adding an extra lycra panel down the sides and adjusting the cut around the shoulders so that the fabric is relaxed when you are in the riding position. Here is a short film explaining it:

  • If we are late on deliveries, you get 2% a day discount

    We are the only custom cycling & triathlon kit supplier in Europe who offers a 2% discount for every day we deliver late. We would like to say that we never deliver late, but unfortunately that is not the case, because as with every business, sometimes things go wrong, like machines breaking down, electricity cuts, suppliers not delivering and so on and on and on. So sometimes we deliver a couple of days late, but if we do, then we compensate our clients with a 2% discount for each day we are late. The reason we do this is to show how important we consider it to meet out deadlines. Our industry is know for delivering weeks and even months late and we really wanted to show that we really mean it when we say that we will do everything we can to deliver on time and pay the consequences if we fail.

    The ongoing growth of Carvalho Custom from a tiny company from a small town in Portugal to one of the leading suppliers of custom cycling jerseys and other cycling & tri clothing to northern Europe has been a very simple story. We have focused on making premium quality kit, not charging the earth for it by selling direct from Portugal (so keeping costs down by not using national distributors) and offering unrivaled quality of customer service. Whilst other brands have focused on sponsoring leading clubs and triathletes to try and gain credibility, we have just kept plugging away at what we do best, leaving the gimmicks and the expensive sponsorship deals to others. That is why we are the lowest cost supplier of premium custom cycling & triathlon clothing selling in to northern Europe and why we are the only supplier that gives a financial guarantee on late deliveries.

  • Road bike tours in northern Portugal

    I have been lucky enough to have lived for 15 years in northern Portugal and one of the best things about living here is the bike riding you can do here. I have ridden my bike all round Europe in all the glamorous destinations and I still think northern Portugal is one of the best places to ride for its combination of well maintained and empty roads (away from the coast), unspoilt scenery (inland there is very little development), hard mountains (the Serra de Estrela has climbs that are similar to Hors Catégorie Alpine climbs in terms of the aggressive gradients and length) and not least the fact that you can stay and eat at unbelievable hotels and restaurants for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere in Europe.

    Anyway for many years I have brought Carvalho Custom clients out to ride in Portugal as well as cycling friends from the UK and beyond and now we have decided to host rides for paying guests for a limited number of groups every year. We have a simple site for our guided cycling tours in Portugal here and it is our intention to keep this a small business for serious riders who are prepared to pay €800 for week long supported toura staying at 4* hotels in the middle of nowhere. We will also give 10% discounts to any riders coming from a club we supply clothing to!

    Here is a photo of the ride up to Torre, the highest point in Portugal and please get in touch if you would like any further information about the tours.

    north portugal cycling

  • Lower cost kids tri suits

    We have had a lot of demand for kids tri suits over the last 12 months as a lot of triathlon clubs have opened up new junior sections. So as a result we have developed a new unisex junior tri suit with sizes to fit 7 to 12 year olds which costs just €54.70/£43.80. Furthermore we have registered our company for VAT in the UK, which means we can now sell all our kit to UK customers at UK VAT rates (so 0% for kids clothes and 20% for adult sizes).

    Custom kids tri suits

    Carvalho Custom sells direct from Portugal without using national distributors, which is why we are the lowest cost supplier of pro quality kit and having been selling into into northern Europe for 10 years now, we are still the only supplier who offers a 2% discount for every day we deliver late!

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